Guest writer opines on Quizzo Bowl

This past weekend a minor trivia event occurred in Philadelphia, hosted by distant-second-cleverest Quizmaster, Johnny Goodtimes.

Guest writer Regyna Woodpile gives her take on the event at this link: Review of Quizzo Bowl VI

Cut her some slack, people. Not everyone is blessed with rhetorical skills in my league.


  1. Nigel09:27

    Don't forget the riot!

  2. Fair points, but a few things to note: I was not only unaware of the no-smoking policy, I was told beforehand that people could smoke at the event. It came as a huge shock to me when the rules were different than what I had been told, and i knew that it was going to put a lot of people in a foul mood right off the bat. I'm not really pleased with how that went down, and will assure you that I will not hold another event where smoking is not allowed. Second, the beer special stopped being $3 for about 2 minutes. They then got the ok to sell $3 beers on tap once they ran out of bottles, and beers were $3 for the rest of the night. Sorry you didn't check back with the bar. For those "in the know", the halftime disaster is an annual part of the show.

    I worked my ass off to make this show come together, and I know that not everything came together the way I had hoped, but I'm sorry you had such a rotten time. I can assure you that I will work even harder to make next year's show a success, and hope you will give it a second chance. Hell, I might even change my policy and get a halfway decent halftime act. -jgt

  3. Regyna09:00


    Thank you for your comment. I'll update the review to let folks know the smoking debacle was the fault of the venue, and not you.

    As for the beer, no one thought to return to the bar after being clipped for $6.50. No substitute was offered at the time. Perhaps we hit the unlucky two minutes.

    I was at the QB at the Chinese restaurant and I remember the Chinese dragon dancing and a Hall & Oates cover band who weren't bad at all. Were they supposed to be?

    Perhaps the horrible comedy and klezmer wouldn't have been tolerable if I had been able to escape to the sidewalk.

    I appreciate you taking the time to respond.

  4. Nah, the music has always been great. I thought the guys this year were pretty good, but I understand that it's not everyone's cup of tea. As for halftime, yeah, last year wasn't too bad, but we've had comedians get booed off stage, bad belly dancers, etc. in the past, so as long as the music is good i don't worry quite as much about the halftime show.

    not that i wanted the halftime act to be a dud. truth be told, fastball bob usually goes way more over the top in that skit, and this time he was a bit mellow. That skit always kills at the Khyber (though we usually have a different guy who couldn't make it, thus fishtown eddie), but doing comedy in front of 40 people and in front of 300 people is two different things.

    Anyways, I always try to see what works and what doesn't and try to improve the next year. I already have a venue for QBVII, and I'll be bringing back a goofy, fun band that will be playing plenty of 80s tunes. And before I agreed to the venue, I had one question: can people go outside to smoke? They said absolutely. Quizzo Bowl VI was not my best work, but if you give it another chance, I am going on the record as guaranteeing that Quizzo Bowl VII will not disappoint.

  5. Regyna09:58


    In light of that bold promise I may attend QBVII. Then always promise not to rap. (wink)

    There isn't much that can go wrong with a goofy 80's band, eh?

    You've been very gracious to this dissatisfied customer, which is much appreciated. Perhaps I'll see you next year, or before, if you ever decide to hold a quiz in a freedom-loving smoking venue.



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