When Crackpots Go Bad

While preparing another hilarious posting, I discovered, to my chagrin, that the object of the parody is now so over-the-top, a parody is no longer possible.

It is not possible write a parody of someone who...

...sees two mislabeled items in a charity thrift shop and goes galactically apeshit.

...believes that wrongly-labeled play money is a "crime" and calls the police, but at the same time refuses to report the "crime" because it is "highly inconvenient."

...believes that mislabeled thrift shop items should be treated as emergencies, like assaults and accidents, while at the same time considers the "crime" unworthy of a couple of hours of his time to go and fill out a form.

...decries "false witness" yet posts a laundry list of lies about the thrift and its personnel. I deliberately use the word "lies" because unless he has personal knowledge that the manager abuses his family, or that the charity is misusing its funds, he's just making stuff up. That could explain his absolute lack of evidence. Where I come from, this is called libel.

...viciously abuses detractors, while accusing them of abuse. Comments that strike a nerve are censored.

...underpricing items is a good thing, because he can personally profit. Overpricing is some sort of a scam.

...accuses Christians of bigotry and hatred, in a post so thick with hatred it could pass for a Klan pamphlet with only minor editing.

Those are just the major hypocrisies. His other points cross the line into tin-foil hat territory. Like this one:

"I pointed out that the problem was actually the claim that this was "MONEY", the issue was not who issued it, but that's it's fake to begin with.  The bills are not "MONEY."
With that logic, this "money" is also "fraud":

And this not only fraud, he's an "Anonymous Coward":

Poking fun at a harmless crank is one thing. Now that he's a harmful crank, I hope the thrift store sends a lawyer after his ass.

UPDATE: In an unsurprising, cowardly move, he's deleted all his abusive comments, except one. However, Google never forgets.

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