1,000,000 Visitors!

We here at Blizzmaster Pilch's Blovatorium are celebrating our One Millionth Visitor! By "we," of course, I mean "me."

Unlike some bloggers (cough, no names), I would never artificially inflate or misinterpret those numbers. How is that possible?

Some bloggers have no idea that a "unique" IP address becomes "unique" again after its cookie expires. If the cookie is set to expire in, say, 10 minutes, pretty much everyone is "unique" no matter how often they visit.

Some bloggers plaster their sites with clever images from cult films to illuminate their wit. (No bandwidth is wasted because they are all hotlinked. Too many pictures costs money. I'm entitled to free stuff, without having to manage a buttload of images. Did I say me? I meant "them.") People all over the world search for images, so some bloggers load the site and let them rot for the Googlebots to crawl and re-crawl. Next thing you know, the counter of a pissant backwater blog is through the roof. Then said pissant blogger can pat himself on the back far enough to give himself a reach-around.

Of course, that is not the case here.

Every single one of my million visitors came here to sip the nectar of my bombastic rodomontades.

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